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Fibromyalgia and Colon Therapy

November 24th, 2017

Fibromyalgia and Colon Therapy

Fibromyalgia, aka as muscle rheumatism, is an immune system disorder which affects the muscles (shoulders, neck, back, joints, etc.) in the body and can causes chronic pain due to toxins and inflammation.

Allopathic medicine has no known cure for it. Alternative medicine has a variety of different treatments and one of them is a colon cleanse.

Research over the years has shown a direct connection between immune system dysfunction, which is the main cause of fibromyalgia, being related to disorders of the digestive system (90% of your immune system is located in your Digestive System). Most immune system disorders are caused by accumulated toxins in the body.

The colon and digestive system is the primary place where toxins accumulate. No solid research has been undertaken but sufferers of fibromyalgia who have undergone a colon cleanse have noticed it helped them dealing with the symptoms and alleviating the chronic pain.

By cleansing out and purging the mucoidal plaque, the impacted waste matter and toxic build up, and in conjunction with a healthy life style, e.g. detox diet, exercise, sauna, stress management, hydrotherapy, etc., good results should be obtainable.

To your good health,

Silvia Engels C.T.

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