Massage Therapy & Fitness

Covid-19 – Getting Ready For Your Next Massage


Hello Everyone,

Now that we’re open, these protocols and guidelines are in place for your safety and comfort. These past few months have been unprecedented, and many of us are struggling to make sense of these changing times. We hope this information will help ensure that your next visit to Synergystix is relaxing, healing, and restorative—everything a Massage Therapy appointment should be!

Booking Your Appointment

You can book online or call us at 705-742-8244 to book your next appointment. Reception will take you through a short series of questions to make sure you are not feeling unwell.

We are currently limiting Massage Therapy treatments to a maximum of 1-hour to decrease exposure risk both for you and our therapists.

Arriving At Your Appointment

Please aim to arrive for your appointment by yourself and as close to your start time as possible.

We ask that you bring a face mask and pen with you, though both will be available at the front desk if needed.

We have placed self check-in signs at both the front and side entrances. By either following the link or scanning the QR code with your device, you can let us know that you have arrived for your appointment.

You are also welcome to give us a call to let us know you’re here.

Once you have checked in, please wait outside of the clinic. We will give you a call when we are ready to take you in.

Entering the Clinic

Please enter the clinic from the front door (Charlotte St. entrance). If you have mobility issues and require the ramp on the side door, please let us know and we will meet you there.

Our staff will ask you some questions to ensure it is safe for you to come in for treatment.

You will then be provided with hand sanitizer and shown to your treatment room.

Receiving Your Treatment

All of our treatment rooms have been modified to meet safety requirements. This includes a complete disinfectant protocol before each client and the removal of unnecessary items from the room. We have also increased the time between treatments to make sure all of these protocols are done correctly.

Your therapist will meet you in your room and ask you a few questions, again to ensure it is safe for you to receive treatment. All therapists will be wearing face masks for your protection.

We ask that you leave your personal items, including any removed clothing, on your chair before getting on the table.

The rest of the treatment will proceed as normal.

After Your Massage

Once your massage is over you can head to the front desk to book further appointments and pay for your treatment. Our front desk staff have been fully trained in social distancing and safety protocols.

If there is another client at the front desk already, please stand 2 metres away while you wait. There will be markings on the floor to help you gauge the distance.

That’s It!

We realize this is a lot of new information—it’s new for us, too!

Our staff will be there at each step to make this process as safe and easy as possible. As always, your health and comfort are our number one priority.